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WHAT IS Ignition!

Ignition! is a journey of personal development and discovery
designed specifically for young people.

Ignition! uses a combination of coaching, training, conversation and exploration to empower young people to build confidence, boost self worth and to provide vision and direction when choosing options and career ideas. Ignition! has been created to ensure that young people know that it doesn’t matter where your life began, how your life has unfolded, or where you currently are, it matters that you discover who you are. Not your name and your labels but who you really are, what you are naturally gifted and talented at, acknowledge what you are naturally not so good at and discover the Fuel that gives your life energy and meaning.




The journey begins with a young person engaging with an Ignition! Travel Guide; this can be any Ignition! Certified professional - be that a coach, trainer, teacher or youth worker.

Find a Travel Guide

Together they will set a Departure Date and the Traveller (young person) will be invited to Check-in online, completing a short multiple-choice quiz and generating their personal Boarding Pass.



Know Your Fuel

The Boarding Pass shows them their best personal mix of Fuel, i.e. activities that will give them the energy to live their lives in the happiest, most fulfilled way and allow them to reach their full potential.

Find Your Flow

It also tells them in brief how they are likely to show up in the world, what they are naturally talented at, what will challenge them, what they may find easy and what they might find hard.



The Boarding Pass forms the start of a conversation to discover if this is who they really are and to explore the insights and questions raised.

As they journey forward, each Traveller is issued with their own Passport: a workbook that Travel Guide and Traveller go through together, following a structured pathway of personal development and self-discovery.

Each step of the journey is a destination and so, just like in a real passport, a Stamp in your Passport says when you have arrived.


Destinations along the way...

  • What Fuels you and your own Bright Spark?
  • Which kind of Traveller are you? – out of 8
  • Magnificent Me
  • Shine Brightly
  • Lead On
  • Learning to Learn
  • Good Communication
  • Your Driving Force
  • Baggage vs Luggage
  • Blast Off Goals!
  • Questions for Inquisitive Explorers
  • Great Job

WHY Ignition!

Every young person has the right to be set up for success and be the best they can be.

SADLY, many young people are experiencing low confidence and poor self-worth, struggling to know who they really are, why they are here and what they stand for.

The relentless pressure to be beautiful, sporty, intelligent, popular and successful, is fuelling unparalleled levels of anxiety, stress, bullying, seclusion, procrastination, mental illness and poor choices in young people.

As if that wasn’t enough, young people are also required to choose subjects at school, options for further education and make decisions on apprenticeships, jobs and careers. If they cannot see their own worth or appreciate their own talents it is hard for them to recognise and express what they are good at; and even harder for them to shine.

IGNITION! benefits for young people:


Discover Your Passion


Develop Your Confidence


Determine Your Purpose


Get Life & Career Direction

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THE Ignition! TEAM

TeeJay Dowe

Founder & Managing Director

Caroline Day

Master Trainer

Gavin Howard

Lead Developer

Latest News

The Animal School

I love this story - It is so true of many Education systems world wide and I think highlights the damage that it is doing to our young people. Once upon a time the animals decided that they must organize themselves to meet the problems of the new world. So they organised a school. They adopted an activity based curriculum consisting of the essentials in life, namely running, climbing, swimming and flying. To make it easier to administer the curriculum, all the animals took all the subjects.


My Why and My Purpose

So there I stood in a conference room in Bali in November 2012, suddenly faced with a tough decision. Confronted by the organizer of the course to choose what business was I going to focus on my unconscious mind suddenly blurted out “Young People!” I have to say that in that moment even I was a bit taken by surprise! And as she asked me to explain to the room why young people I was also waiting to hear the answer. It was the most bizarre thing, like observing myself and listening to me as my mouth opened and the words just flowed from my heart and I heard it along with everyone else!


Depressing Session or Happy New Life?

I recently got to coach a young lady who has had a history of challenges, let me call her Jane. At the age of 12 Jane was diagnosed as being clinically depressed. She has been on every anti-depressant medication at high doses and none of them have worked. She is now 18 and she is on trial anti-depressant medication because the traditional anti-depressants were not effective.s the excerpt for the latest post


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